Carolyn Bernard Young, Serenity Heals, 12 x 3 x 3″, stoneware, slip, glazes


Letting Go of the Wheel

In early 2016 I resolved to create more sculptural work. After more than 20 years as a potter, both hands developed chronic tendinitis; so it became more and more painful to wedge, center, & throw.

There was not a question in my mind that I would continue creating in clay – I just needed to find a way to work without the wheel.

Totem sticks were my first attempt at wall sculpture in early 2016. As they evolve, they have become dear to my heart. Each one is unique, yet they are all related.

You will also see figurative sculpture along with hand-built vessel forms. These forms are new this year and are helping me stretch to new heights, while still featuring my signature sgraffito work.

I am thrilled that working in clay continues to feed my soul. The adventure rolls on and I can hardly wait to see where it leads.

Tikba Ihiya (Keep moving forward!)

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