© Carolyn Bernard Young, Flight, 9.5 x 5.5″, Stoneware, sgraffito

Raven in flight. In Native American culture the Raven is often associated with magic or introspection.  A sculpted feather finial and more feathers carved on the back side indicate prayer, based on the ancient tribal belief that prayers are carried to the Great Spirit on the wings of an Eagle. The diamond pattern is used by my Choctaw tribe as a reference to the diamond back rattlesnake, indicating our deep respect for nature.

Wheel thrown jar & lid with sculpted feather finial. When the clay becomes leather hard I apply 3 layers of black slip, then carve the images revealing the white stoneware beneath. Twice fired in an electric kiln to 2167°F for lasting durability. Inside is glazed in a luscious fire engine red.