A Change of Grace

A totem pole for your wall, this sculpture is about grace. A Change of Grace features Dragonfly and Butterfly totems, along with the Choctaw diamond pattern, broken arrows, sacred spirals, and water symbols.

So what do these mean?

  • Butterfly – Transformation, Grace
  • Dragonfly – Adaptability, Joy, and Peace
  • Diamond pattern – Respect for Nature
  • Broken arrow – Friendship
  • Sacred spiral – Life force, personal path, creativity
  • Water symbols – Life flow and purity

How are they made?

Totem sticks are an homage to the majestic totem poles of Northwestern tribes. They are created using stoneware shards mounted to a poplar “stick”. The shards are covered with three layers of black slip, then carved in the sgraffito technique before firing to 2167 degrees for durability.
Perfect for that slice of wall, or group 2-3 together for a big impact. It comes ready to hang with a D-hook and is signed & titled on the back. A customized Certificate of Authenticity will be included.
21.5″ x 6″ x 1″