Meet the Artist Carolyn Bernard Young


Carolyn Bernard Young                       Photo by Regina Mountjoy

My work pays respect to my heritage, and I hope brings a modern voice to the Native American art I so love to make.

For 33 years, I was a quality engineer for a major aerospace company. Midway through my career, looking for a way to relieve stress, I discovered and fell in love with clay.

In order to learn from the best, I spent a week each summer at Arrowmont School of Art in Gatlinburg, Tennessee.  I bought a wheel and practiced my craft every day, preparing for the day I could retire and live my dream – to be a full-time potter.

In 2009, retirement from aerospace was finally possible and in 2011 I reconnected with my long-lost love, Sam. On October 1, 2011 Sam & I were married at the beautiful Weston Gardens in Fort Worth. We bought a home on two acres in Weatherford, where we built a new 1200 sf studio. Now I spend every day working in clay and living my dream! As Sam always tells me…DREAM BIG!workshop-carolyn

So in early 2017 I began to take my carvings to the wall, making sculpture that brings a forth an emotional connection to the story. Totem Sticks emerged along with figurative sculpture and some other new surprises.  I love surprises, don’t you?

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