Beautify All Things

Saturday was Fort Worth Gallery Night, and I was thrilled to have work in two places.

  • “Spirit of Home” was at the Fort Worth Community Arts Center in the Best of Texas Clay show.  What an honor to be among such gifted artists and spectacular art – all made of clay.
  •  “Beautify All Things” was in Art in the Garden at the Fort Worth Botanic Gardens.  It was a small show, mostly paintings, with a small number of 3D entries and only a weekend show, so I wasn’t expecting much.  So, imagine my surprise, when I went to pick it up yesterday and was told I couldn’t have it – it was SOLD!  What a great feeling to know that piece that was so special to me will grace someone’s home.

As I’ve said before, I love what I do and am grateful daily that I get to do it! 

“Spirit of Home”
“Beautify All Things”

Oh What a Beautiful Morning!



Art Exploration

I know, I know – it’s been almost a year since I blogged – BUT what a year!! It was a year of art exploration and so much fun! I explored metals, enamels, resins, polymer clay, bronze & copper clay – you name it, I tried it. By the end of the year I had learned something very important – my passion is clay. Pottery will always be my first love and deepest passion, but polymer clay and metal clays are running a close second. So I came back to my roots…making pots in white stoneware, then covering them with black underglaze and carving through it to reveal the pristine white clay beneath. It’s like watching a sculpture unfold before my eyes and I simply delight in doing it. Here’s a photo of my recent work and you can see more at my website

Follow me this year and I promise to bring you all the excitement in the studio and my new gallery (more later on that)! Fasten your seatbelts! […]


19 ounces of Chunky Soup

A good friend of mine from high school (way back in the 60’s) contacted me with a dilemma. He wanted a mug that would hold 19 ounces of Chunky Soup and asked if I could make one – something unusual. What fun I had in the studio making these mugs! They … […]