Merry Mug Madness!

©Carolyn Bernard Young, Red Dragonfly Mug, 5.5″ x 3.25″, stoneware

Yes, I know it’s only October, but I want you to have plenty of time to get involved. If you’re a fan of my handmade, hand carved, black & white sgraffito mugs with the bright color inside, then this is important…they will only be […]


You Asked...I Made It Happen

© Carolyn Bernard Young, Transforming Grace, 8×5″, stoneware, $475

Over the past several months, many of you have asked if you could purchase pottery on my website. So…I’m delighted to announce…NOW you can!

Free Shipping! And because I truly value your support, I am offering free shipping in the US on all Lidded […]


Oh the Suspense

Shame on me!  I left you hanging in November without a follow-up after the mugs were fired.  Well…they turned out fabulous!  The size is generous – 10-12 ounces and they feel so good in your hand.  I’m still tweaking the handles a… […]


About Coffee Mugs

1st mug in the seriesOver the years I have made many coffee mugs.  I even won a coffee mug show with one of my designs (years ago).  Lately I’ve been obsessing about how to make mugs that show off my new carving work.  My dilemma was not… […]


19 ounces of Chunky Soup

A good friend of mine from high school (way back in the 60’s) contacted me with a dilemma. He wanted a mug that would hold 19 ounces of Chunky Soup and asked if I could make one – something unusual. What fun I had in the studio making these mugs! They … […]